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The Masked Singers of Shushan

Mar 01, 2019

By: Brandon Chiat, Digital Media Manager

Purim is a holiday wrapped in a disguise and concealed behind a mask.

“Everything gets flipped upside down in the Purim story,” said Rabbi Steve Schwartz. “King Achashverosh, who should be wise, is a fool; Esther is a Jew, but no one knows, as she is disguised; Haman is Achashverosh’s most important minister until suddenly Mordechai is!”


6 Jewish Connections to Super Bowl LIII

Feb 01, 2019

32 teams set-out to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the beginning of the 2018 season. Now only two teams remain the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. Tonight, one of those teams will etch their names in football history.

While our beloved Baltimore Ravens aren’t playing in tonight’s Big Game, you’re more closely connected than you might think.

Here are six Jewish connections to the Super Bowl:


Beth El's Guide to Tu B'Shevat

Jan 18, 2019

By: Ben Kreshtool, Ritual Director

Tu B’Shevat is commonly thought of as the “Birthday of the Trees” or the “Jewish Earth Day.” The festival derives its name from the Hebrew calendar date on which we celebrate: “Tu” is a pronunciation of the Hebrew letters for the number 15, and it falls in the Hebrew month of Shevat. The "Tu" in Tu B’Shevat is the numerical equivalent for the number 15 by using gematria, the letter tet ט is 9, and the letter Vav ו is 6, so 9+6 = 15.


A Thin Blue Line

Jan 16, 2019

By: Rabbi Steven Schwartz

The 1988 documentary film ‘The Thin Blue Line,’ investigates the mistaken murder conviction of Randall Adams for the killing of police officer Robert Wood.  The events of the film took place in Dallas, Texas, in the fall of 1976.  The title of the movie is taken from a phrase the prosecutor uses in his closing argument at Adams’ trial – the police, in essence, form a ‘thin blue line’ that separates an ordered society from anarchy.