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Caregiver Cafe: Handling the Holidays

Nov 09, 2018

The holidays can be a stressful time. But if you’re caring for a loved one suffering from a new or long-term illness, the holidays can be downright disruptive. 

At this month’s Caregiver Care, Sarah Shapiro will facilitate a discussion about handling the holidays when a loved one is ill. She’ll talk about setting realistic expectations, making a plan, and enlisting support. 


Making Space for "The Other"

Oct 26, 2018

There once was a man named Hamsa who lived in the same community as another man named Bar Hamsa. A prominent man, also from their community was marrying off his daughter and it was the celebration of all celebrations. Everything for the wedding banquet was done with great extravagance – including the invitations which he hired someone special to hand deliver to each of his invited guests homes. 


Imperfections: Superman vs. Spiderman

Oct 26, 2018

By: Rabbi Steve Schwartz 

There is a traditional debate about the very first verse of this morning’s Torah portion, and at the heart of the debate is the question of the quality of Noah’s character. The verse tells us נח איש תמים היה בדורותיו – Noah was righteous man, in his generation. That can be interpreted in two ways – he was righteous – even in a generation where no one else was! Or you could understand that to mean ‘in his generation he was righteous!’ – but in another generation, maybe not so much!


Head of the Class

Oct 26, 2018
By: Brandon Chiat

Often, the work of a Jewish educator goes unsung. That is no longer the case for Dr. Eyal Bor, Beth El Congregation’s Director of Education and Lifelong Learning.

On November 12, at an Academic Convocation in New York City, Dr. Bor will receive the degree of Doctor of Pedagogy, conferred by the Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary in partnership with the Jewish Educators Assembly.


Embracing the Dual Faith Family

Oct 26, 2018
By: David Harrison
When Robert Hiken’s mother-in-law picks up the grandchildren — Seth, Gabriella and Parker — from the Berman-Lipavsky Religious school and the Pauline Mash School for Early Child Education, she consistently notices the warm, welcoming feelings that are extended to her.

If that is at all noteworthy, it is because Robert’s wife, Elizabeth and her family are Catholic.


Leading with Values

Oct 03, 2018

Leading with Values: A multigenerational family discusses their love for Beth El and commitment to the Annual Appeal
By: Brandon Chiat, Digital Media Manager

If you ask Arnold Fruman about his work, you might get a surprising answer.

Though he is president of National Lumber Company, one of the last family-owned lumber yards in Baltimore and one of the largest in Maryland, Mr. Fruman would prefer to tell you about his role at Beth El.


Beth El's Guide to Sukkot

Sep 21, 2018

How to Observe the Customs and Rituals of Sukkot, Hoshanah Rabbah, Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah

Five days after Yom Kippur we observe the Festival of Sukkot, one of three major pilgrimage festivals mentioned in the Torah (Passover and Shavuot are the others).

According to rabbinic tradition, we construct Sukkot (booths) to commemorate our ancestors’ 40 years of wandering in the desert following the Exodus from slavery in Egypt.