Celebrating Israel's 70th Birthday: Wednesday Night @ The Movies

Share 4 Israeli films as we celebrate Israel’s milestone 70th birthday. Each film will represent a different story in the history of the growing State of Israel. There will be 2 speakers: one with an American perspective and one with an Israeli perspective presented at each screening. 

May 23 - Jerusalem Cuts (2008) with Rabbi Steven Schwartz and Rafi Rone, Weinberg Foundation: Jerusalem Cuts looks at the very beginning of the State of Israel, set in the Old City of Jerusalem. One war, ten days, three stories: the Old City of Jerusalem, at the dawn of a new Middle East. For the Brits, it’s the shameful end of 30 years Mandate. For the Jews, it’s the birthday of their State. And for the Palestinians, it’s a catastrophe. Only now, 60 years later, images can be shown from three opposing points of view, telling a whole new story.

May 30 - The Women Pioneers (2013) with Rabbi Dana Saroken and Idan Zrihren, BZD: A hundred years ago, women pioneers came from Europe to Palestine to realize the dream of creating a new woman in a new world; a woman who would be as independent as men. This film uncovers their passionate battles and painful disappointments.

June 6 - Sallah Shabati (1964) with Ben Kreshtool, Beth El Ritual Director and Sivan Chaban, BZD: The sharp, often hilarious satire that became the most successful film in Israeli history is about new immigrants Sallah and his family, who are left in a shack near their promised apartment and are abandoned for months. A Yemenite Jewish family that was flown to Israel during "Operation Magic Carpet" - a clandestine operation that flew 49,000 Yemenite Jews to Israel the year after the state was formed - is forced to move to a government settlement camp. The patriarch of the family, Sallah, tries to make money and get better housing, in a country that can barely provide for its own and is in the midst absorbing hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees from Arab countries.

June 13 - Dimona Twist (2016) with Hana Bor, Ph.D., BHI, Towson University and Neil Rubin, Ph.D., Beth Tfiloh Dahan High School: Seven women arrive in Israel by ship from North Africa and Poland in the 1950s and 1960s and are sent straight to Dimona, a town recently established in the desert. They talk about the pain of leaving their homes behind, poverty, the difficulties of adjusting in their new homeland, and their determined attempts to create rich and meaningful lives. 


Fee: $36/person for all 4 movies - Use registration at back of brochure. $10 per movie at the door.