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Cultural Trips

Cultural Trips Registration Process

Please read the following instructions so that we can include you on the trips. Only members of the Congregation and Sisterhood may register for the trip(s). 

The cultural trips usually require walking around museums, gardens and or homes.  Many of the trips require walking steps.  Please consider these physical requirements before you sign up for the trip.  If you are in doubt, call the destination and inquire about their physical facilities, elevators, etc.

Registration forms for a specific trip or trips will be on the website at 9:30 a.m. on the specified date.  These forms will also be at the receptionist’s window at Beth El Congregation on the specified morning. A form needs to be completed by each person registering.  It is also important to complete a lunch form for each person if lunch is included on the trip.

Your registration form and your check made out to Beth El Sisterhood must be mailed to the person who is listed on the form.  Only registrations mailed to the address listed on the form will be accepted in the order that they are received.  The envelope must have a US post mark.  Only one registration per envelope unless you are a couple

If your registration form arrives after the trip is full, you will be notified, your check will be returned, and you will be placed on the waiting list.  The cultural trips, sponsored by Beth El Sisterhood, are open to members of Sisterhood and the Congregation.

Trip to Arena Stage: Sunday, July 16, 2017

We invite you and your friends to join us on our trip to Arena Stage, Sunday, July 16, to see the "second" premiere production of The Originalist written by John Strand. Many have an opinion about Justice Antonin Scalia, whose sudden death caused much uproar and controversy. He was one of the most polarizing and was inarguably the most combative jurists in American history. It is unlikely that anyone will emerge from Mr. Strand's play with a radically changed view from Justice Scalia's ideas, but, Mr. Strand suggests that even with his expressed contempt for the views of the liberal wing of the court, he actually did possess a heart. This one-act, 100 minute show is directed with brisk dialogue and adds operation works of Mozart, Donizetti and Verdi, a nod to the justice's well-known love of opera.

Our Superior bus will leave at 10:30 a.m. and will arrive in Washington in time for you to have lunch on your own in one of the restaurants close to the theatre or at the cafe in the Arena Stage. You will be provided with the names and phone numbers of the restaurants that are in a three to four block range of the theatre.

Cost: $125 per person. The form can be obtained here or at the Beth El reception desk. If you have any questions or need more information, contact Linda Mondell at  [email protected] or Ellen Wiesenberger at [email protected].


Tuesday, October 17, 2017 (7:45 a.m.-6:30 p.m.)

Join us for an enjoyable and enlightening day at the National Museum of African History and Culture. The museum has five floors of exhibits that depict major periods of African American history beginning with the origins in Africa and continuing into the 21st Century. You will find the scope and depth of these exhibits fascinating. 

Lunch is on your own in the Sweet Home Café located in the museum. Please note that you cannot leave the museum and then return. Therefore, there may be lines to obtain food and drinks.

Cost: $75 per person.  Since you must go through a security check, use a small handbag for this trip.  We suggest you wear comfortable shoes.

Forms will be available on the Beth El website ( and at the Beth El reception desk. Remember, only one check and one form for each person in an envelope.  If you have questions, please contact Robin Kleiman at [email protected] or Marlene Siegel [email protected]