Annual Appeal

Annual Appeal

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The 2017-2018 Annual Appeal is dedicated to the memory of our beloved friend and colleague, Ailene Sher whose legacy will shine bright for many years to come. Join hundreds of congregants and community members in keeping Beth El strong. A gift to Beth El's Annual Appeal supports the sacred work that is accomplished 7 days a week - 365 days a year at Beth El. From essential educational scholarship for students, healing and mindfulness programs in the Soul Center, hundreds of compelling educational and cultural programs, to supporting/comforting bereaved families during their time of need, and more, your gift ensures that we can continue to provide the depth and breadth of services and programs that make Beth El a special community.

Opening Doors and Keeping the Congregation Strong

One of the most rewarding ways our members can show their devotion and support for Beth El is by participating in our Annual Appeal. The support that we gain through the Appeal is an invaluable resource that enables Beth El to develop and maintain programs, services and facilities that will keep annual dues and fees at affordable levels. Generous response to the Annual Appeal also enhances our educational offerings to adults and children, improves our award-winning programs, and provides assistance to Beth El school families in need. Additionally, the Annual Appeal provides underwriting of Beth El membership for those not able to afford full membership or attendance in our various educational programs.

We ask you to join over 1700 congregant families and make Beth El a philanthropic priority by giving to your full capability. The services that Beth El provides are possible when we work together to sustain them to the best of our abilities.

Examples of Special Methods Designated to Support Beth El
Current Dollars

In addition to making a straightforward donation to support the congregation and the Annual Appeal, there are several viable alternatives that will enable a donor to maximize his or her participation. Each approach requires careful thought while simultaneously giving consideration to one’s impact on charitable dollars, making wise tax decisions and perpetuating our mission.


By contributing appreciated long-term securities, stocks, or bonds that are now worth more than their tax cost, a donor can make a gift that has a value that exceeds its original cost. Beth El provides a vehicle to do so. The donor assigns the securities to Beth El, which then sells them. The congregation receives the proceeds of the sale and the donor benefits through significant tax savings.

Life Insurance

The donor can combine estate planning and charitable giving by purchasing life insurance that names Beth El as the irrevocable beneficia¬ry, or the donor can transfer ownership of existing policies. In this way, a donor can perpetuate the family name, or that of a loved one, while helping ensure Beth El’s future. This approach enables donors to create signifi¬cant programmatic and/or endowment funds, even if there are not currently sufficient funds to do so. Premiums paid can be taken as charitable income tax deductions for federal income tax purposes as can the cash surrender value of an existing policy.

Real Estate

Subject to approval of the Board, the donor can contribute real estate. Although there are important tax implications that must be reviewed carefully by the donor’s legal and tax counsel, both the donor and the congregation can obtain important gains. It is assumed that Beth El will not necessarily hold the real estate; rather, it will be sold. Capital gains considerations will be discussed as the federal and state guidelines in these matters are very specific.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

When a Beth El member who is at least 70.5 years of age has an IRA, there can be some very compelling tax incentives to give part or all of the IRA to Beth El. In some cases, the combination of federal estate and income taxes, state and local estate and income taxes can approach 100%. By designating Beth El as the recipient of distributions up to $100,000, donors can avoid certain taxes, Beth El gains support, and estate implications are addressed. 

Your thoughtful and prudent positive decision will help to ensure and sustain the growth and viability for the future of Beth El Congregation.

To support the Annual Appeal or for more information, please contact Lisa Silverstein at 410-484-0411 or