The History of Women’s Fashion - From Underwear to Outerwear

The History of Women’s Fashion - From Underwear to Outerwear will take you on a historical journey that will explain the fads and fashions from the beginning of time. Because fashion does not happen in a vacuum, styles change according to many outside factors. Women didn’t wear white wedding gowns until Queen Victoria wore one at her wedding and from then on it became a tradition. Women’s corsets disappeared because women went into the workforce and couldn’t sit at a desk all day in a whale-boned corset. But, they also went away because the government prohibited the sale of steel to make the corsets. Because instead they could use the 28,000 tons of steel that was normally used to make corsets, to make two battleships that were needed for WWI. Politics, religion, the economy, the government, practicality, and even the Supreme Court factor into women’s fashion history. From the cave women to the Victorian women to the career women of today, and all the decades in between, historically speaking, woman’s fashions never disappoint, sometimes amuse but always amaze.

Fee: $45 for Beth El Congregation members; $55 non-members.

Location: Agus Library.

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