Influential Women in the 20th Century

Meet Frances Perkins, Lillian Rosenthal, Ruth Handler, Judith Leiber, and Margaret Sanger in Barbara Blumberg's class "Influential Women in the 20th Century."  What these women accomplished in the first half of the 20th century is remarkable. Their achievements happened in an era where women were relegated to the kitchen, to raising children and to taking care of the husband and the household. One woman invented the Barbie doll and later created the first most natural breast prosthetics for women with mastectomies. One was the first female cabinet  member who served under President Franklin Roosevelt and was also the architect of Social Security, unemployment insurance, the limited work week, and child labor laws. One created Maidenform bras over 70 years ago. Another of these women created handbags for influential and affluent women and saw them in houses of royalty and museums. Another created the birth control pill and Planned Parenthood. All of these women did unique things in their lifetime and overcame adversarial conditions.

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