Unwitting Instruments of God


Facilitators: Rabbi Steven Schwartz and Rosann Catalano, Ph.D.

The Tanakh and the New Testament both preserve narratives whose central characters advance God’s story with Israel and Jesus. Although most of the narratives are deeply “flawed,” each proves to be instrumental in the story that God is writing. Each is remembered and revered by their tradition. Both traditions also preserve characters that are “unwitting” instruments of God. We will examine two characters: Pharoah from the Tanakh and Judas from the Gospels whose actions and decisions seem to be against God but advance the larger narrative of what God desires to accomplish in the world.

Fee: $45 Beth El Congregation member, $55 non-member *registration required

For further information and to register, please contact Ellen Marks at [email protected] or 410-580-5166.

Location: Agus Library