Wednesday Morning Series With Dr. Rosann Catalano: The Bible and Economic Justice

This series of five diverse classes will be facilitated by Rosann Catalano, Ph.D. along with Rabbi Steven Schwartz, Rabbi Dana Saroken, and Homayra Ziad, Ph.D. You can choose to attend one, two, three, four, or all five classes. Your fee is based on the number of classes you choose to attend. Register to Ellen Marks at [email protected] or 410-580-5166.  The fee structure for this series of classes is as follows:

5 classes  $150 Beth El members, $180 non-members
4 classes $120 Beth El members, $150 non-members
3 classes $90 Beth El members, $120 non-members
2 classes $70 Beth El members, $100 non-members
1 class $40 Beth El members, $50 non-members

1. The Bible and Economic Justice

Facilitators: Rabbi Steven Schwartz and Rosann Catalano, Ph.D.

Dates: Wednesday, October 25, November 1, 8, 15

What does the Bible teach about economic justice?  Together we will study relevant texts from the Tanakh and Talmud, the Christian Bible and church teachings. What is the foundation for economic justice in the   Bible? What is economic justice, as the Bible understands it? What is the relationship between   economic justice and other forms of justice? Is economic justice derivative of some greater justice? Are divine justice and human justice synonymous? Is the Bible’s teachings concerning economic justice relevant to the complex economic reality of 21st century America? Join Dr. Catalano and Rabbi Schwartz as we search for guidance and wisdom from our religious traditions on a topic of increasing importance.