Beth El Seniors

Our members don’t slow down or step back as they get older — they do more than ever to help our community grow, learn, and thrive. Beth El’s Seniors make it clear that getting older doesn’t mean settling for things as they are. Instead, they’re working to make things better for all of us. Originally launched in 1977 as Beth El’s “Club 50,” the Seniors is dedicated to enriching the social lives of Beth El’s men and women over 50.

Seniors’ signature events.

Seniors Shabbat

The Seniors lead a special congregational Shabbat service, assuming the roles of clergy, gabbaim, Torah readers, and even delivering the weekly sermon.

Monthly Connection Program

Join our monthly program for a diverse range of activities & events. Socialize, grow & give back while enjoying delicious meals, movies, live performances and social action projects.

Torah Maintenance Fund

As a result of successful fundraising efforts through contributions and the sale of our Torah Maintenance Cards, the Seniors help financially support the repairs to our congregation’s many Torah and Megillah Scrolls.

Join Beth El’s Seniors.

Every individual, 50 years of age or older is eligible and invited to join Beth El’s Seniors. You do not need to belong to Beth El Congregation to join the Seniors affiliate, as we welcome both members and non-members alike. Membership dues are $18 per person or $36 per couple for the year. Dinner meetings run $21 for members and $24 for guests.

Ready to join? Email Ellen Budish for a membership application (

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