Chesed (loving-kindness) is our way of life at Beth El. We believe how we welcome and care for those in our midst defines us. Here are the ways we extend generosity, hospitality, and kindness to others:

Bunches of Lunches

In partnership with Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC), our families pack and deliver bagged-lunches to help those in our community facing food insecurity.

Bikur Cholim (Visiting the Sick)

The Jewish tradition of bikur cholim (be-core kho-leem), Hebrew for “visiting the sick,” calls on us to support the needs of those who are ill or isolated. Through calls and visits, Beth El volunteers help maintain a vital connection with their fellow Beth El members who may be convalescing, homebound, or need our support.

Caring Calls

Beth El volunteers regularly place informal check-in calls to our homebound members or to those friends who might need some comfort. Every Friday, our Caring Callers also reach out to all members over 75 to wish them a “Shabbat Shalom.” We invite you to join the Caring Calls team by contacting Cantor Melanie Blatt at

Chesed Cooks (vegetarian meal service)

In times of need, food can be a deep comfort and healing source. If you or a loved one are convalescing from a hospital visit or going through a tough time, it would be our pleasure to help you feel better by sending you a warm, home-cooked, vegetarian meal. To request a Chesed Meal for yourself, a loved one, or a fellow Beth El member, please contact Cantor Melanie Blatt (

Reyim (“Companions”)

Under the expert guidance of Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, Beth El’s volunteer Reyim (“companions”) train to help others cope with emotional challenges and navigate life’s challenging times. If you or someone you know could use support and guidance through a difficult situation, or just some comfort and healing, our Reyim would be honored to be your companion. Please email Cantor Melanie Blatt ( for more information.

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