Anchored by timeless wisdom.

Torah study and values are at the heart of everything we do at Beth El. We honor our Jewish heritage through a shared curiosity for life. In our classrooms, the accumulated wisdom of Jewish tradition becomes a GPS to a better world and the toolkit for building that bright future. Together, we can unlock the power of new Jewish possibilities. Ours is a community of students who want to learn what life has to teach regardless of age, ritual background, or level of Jewish literacy. We all have questions; let’s seek the answers together.

There’s more than one way to study Judaism.

Jewish learning begins with first experiencing life’s everyday and sacred moments through a Jewish lens. For those seeking a connection to something greater, Beth El offers more than traditional academic study. Our teachers translate Jewish values into a field guide for the modern world. Think of our classrooms as laboratories where you can practice time-honored traditions and experiment with new ways of making Judaism your own. It doesn’t matter how much you already know about Judaism, whether you grew up reading Hebrew or have never opened a prayer book, or became a b’nai mitzvah at 13 or 83 or not at all! We will support you as you embrace Jewish learning in a way and at a time that makes sense for you.

The Pauline Mash School for Early Childhood Education

Laying the foundation for an active and enriching Jewish life.

The Berman-Lipavsky Religious School

Cultivating the characters and minds of tomorrow’s Jewish community.

The Rabbi Mark G. Loeb Center for Lifelong Learning

Intellectually stimulating and socially-enriching Jewish learning for all-ages.

Define how you want to live as a Jew.

Are you looking for a way into Jewish life but don’t know where to begin? You might not have grown up practicing, studying, or even relating to Judaism. Perhaps you’ve felt Jewishly “inadequate” — that your understanding of Hebrew or Jewish prayers and texts was somehow not “enough” and prevented you from engaging meaningfully in the Jewish community. Maybe you’re in touch with your Jewish identity or live an active, ritually observant Jewish life but desire a deeper connection. Whether you’re discovering your Jewish identity, reconnecting with your roots, or looking to expand Judaism’s presence in your home, our Jewish learning experiences embrace all levels of Jewish familiarity, comfort, and context.

Meet our remarkable educators.

Eyal Bor, Ph.D.

Director Of The Rabbi Mark G. Loeb Center For Lifelong Learning

Mandy Barish

Director of Pauline Mash School for Early Childhood Education

Barry Smith

Director of the Berman-Lipavsky Religious School

Ellen Marks

Coordinator for The Rabbi Mark G. Loeb Center for Life Long Learning

Samantha Halle

Assistant Director of Pauline Mash School for Early Childhood Education

Andy Shankman

Assistant Director of the Berman-Lipavsky Religious School & B’nai Mitzvah Coordinator

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