What is the Legacy Society?

The Legacy Society is a group of donors who have confirmed that they have provided a bequest to Beth El in their will or estate plan. A Beth El endowment fund has been created for these special gifts.

Why you should participate in the Legacy Society?

As we enter a new period in the history of Beth El, it is clear that one of our challenges is financial. Considering the growing needs of Beth El –

Therefore, it is imperative that we collectively work to expand congregational participation in the Legacy Society.

What does Beth El require once you have decided to participate?

Beth El requests that you complete a written Declaration of Intent. This document is morally binding, but not legally binding. It shows your commitment to include Beth El in your will or estate plan.

How large a bequest can I afford?

The amount of the bequest is a personal decision and the amount is open-ended. The answer lies in the donor’s heart – namely, what feels right to you. Whatever the choice, the donor may be surprised at how the mere act of making this decision and including the gift in their will lightens their step and makes the world seem friendlier. “You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

For further information, please contact Rebekah Waltemeyer, Development Associate (410-484-0411 x1120 or rwaltemeyer@bethelbalto.com)

Current members of the Legacy Society.

John & Susan Abosch
Jerome* & Sonia* Baum
Dr. Arlene & Dr. Sheldon Bearman
Drs. Hana & Eyal Bor
Robert & Florence Chertkof
Babette Dalsheimer*
Rene and Yvonne Daniel
Bernard and Judith Davis
Richard G.* & Bodine* Davis
Ruth & Theodore Denick
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Diamond
Marilyn and Jim Dickman
Michael S. Dopkin
Alan & Sharon Dorenfeld
Sylvan* & Edith* Dorenfeld
Stephen Ehudin
Dr. Arnold and Beverly Feldman
Dr. Jermone Fine & Mrs. Barbara Wolf-Fine
Jerome* & Dorothy Fineblum
Denise & Keith Franz
Arnold & Joyce Fruman
Dr. Jeffrey & Syndy Gaber
David Gilden* & Pauline Gilden Auslander*
Margot Gilbert Gilison
Dr. Sheldon & Saralynn Glass
Stella Vodenos Gold
Sylvia Goldman

Sonya and Jerry Goodman
Samuel* & Margaret* Gorn
Dr. Ira Gottlieb
Risa Gottlieb
Benjamin & Barbara Green
Frederick and Evelyn* Greenberg
Susan & Harold Hackerman
S. Herbert* & Sarah* Harris
Estate of Ruth Holtzman
Joy Hyman
Raphael & Dale Kahn
Dr. Robert & Carol Keehn
Cantor Thom & Shazy King
Gilbert & Carol Kleiner
Jane & Stanley E.* Krosin
Roslyn & Howard Kurman
Jules* & Alice Levin
Gail Lipsitz
Rabbi Mark G. Loeb*
Donna Dorenfeld Lowman
Dr. Roger G. McIntosh
Elinor Merican
Mrs. Irvin Miller (Mildred)
Leslie & Rick Monfred
Dr. Joseph & Linda Napora
Louis and Elisabeth Narrow
Judith Pachino
Beverly & Sam* Penn
Howard & Nancy Pollinger

Anita Potemken
Martha K. Resnick*
Barbara R. Roth
Michael Rubenstein & Hedy From
Jacques* & Marlene Rubin
Hilda Rudo*
Shirley*, Stanley & Charles Rutko
William Schapiro
Tammy & Jerome Schnydman
Rabbi Steven & Rebecca Schwartz
Rona Lynne Seelig
Marianne & Erwin Sekulow
Roberta Krosin Selnick
Jeanette Seltzer*
Ailene* & Michael Sher
Steven Silber
Dr. Charles & Barbara Silberstein
Marlene B. Siegel
Freddye & Steven Silverman
Eva & Robert Slatkin
Linda & Joel Smeyne
Gloryann & Lee Snyder
Melvin & Anita Steinberg
Ruthye and Manny* Steinberg
Barbara & Michael Steinhardt
Roslyn & Leonard Stoler
Elliot & Susan Weinstein
Vivian Zipper
Betty H. Zlotowitz*
Hulane Zolet

* of blessed memory

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