A Message From Rabbi Steven Schwartz

This weekend we are mourning the death of more than 600 Israelis and praying for the healing of more than 2,000 who have been wounded.  With heavy hearts and eyes filled with tears we think of the hostages that have been taken, their families, our brothers and sisters in Israel, and the suffering of the Jewish homeland. We pray not only for healing, but also for strength, courage, hope, and always, for peace.

In the days and months ahead Israel will need our help, our support, and our love.  The Talmud teaches us that all Jews are connected, that all Jews are responsible one for the other.  We always know that in our hearts, and now is one of those times we must show it in our words and deeds.  We will begin that journey together this week with a communal gathering where we will pray together for Israel, for our fellow Jews who make their lives there, for hope and peace, for healing, and for courage and strength. 

Expect details about this gathering tomorrow. And then please join us in solidarity and in support of the Jewish homeland, Israel.  

Rabbi Steve Schwartz

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