Beth El Announces Promotion of Josh Powell

Dear Friends, 

I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! Starting June 1, 2024, our dear friend and colleague Josh Powell will be taking on a new role as the Bookkeeper here at Beth El Congregation.

Ever since I joined this fantastic community back in April 2021, Josh has been an absolute rockstar. Scratch that – even before I got here, Josh was already making waves with his incredible dedication and hard work.

Josh has been an essential part of our team since he first joined us in December 2014 as an Accounting Associate. Over the years, he’s grown into his role as the Accounting and Operations Manager, playing a crucial role in keeping things running smoothly around here.

Alongside his professional growth at Beth El, Josh pursued his academic aspirations at Stevenson University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. This educational foundation has provided him with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in his current position and make significant contributions to the organization.

Josh’s ties to Beth El extend beyond his employment, with a notable connection to Randy Arndts, our current Director of Finance, who previously served as his little league baseball coach. This relationship underscores the strong sense of community and the enduring bonds within the organization.

In his personal life, Josh embraces a well-rounded approach, engaging in various hobbies and interests. From enjoying a round of golf and supporting Baltimore’s sports teams to engaging in friendly video game competitions and the thrill of paintball, he values the importance of work-life balance and cherishes the moments spent pursuing his passions.

As he looks to the future, Josh is enthusiastic about the opportunity to take on an expanded role in our accounting department. He is eager to embrace new challenges, contribute to the continued growth and success of Beth El, and further his personal and professional development within the organization. With his dedication, skills, and deep-rooted connection to the congregation, Josh is well-positioned to make a lasting impact in this new role.

As we move forward, Randy Arndts, our esteemed Director of Finance, will be gradually transitioning his responsibilities to Josh over the next few months. To ensure a smooth transition and provide valuable guidance during Josh’s first year in his new role, Randy has kindly offered to remain with Beth El in an advisory capacity. His expertise and counsel will be invaluable as Josh takes on his new responsibilities and we navigate the path ahead.

Please join me in congratulating Josh.

Ben Wachstein

Executive Director

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