Linda Boteach’s “Memory And Meaning”

Singing My Way Through the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Reflection

Covid happened and I never thought I would be able to continue singing with the choir and I knew I would miss the music which has always been so important to me.

So, when Cantor King and Shazy started having Zoom choir rehearsals, I was intrigued-how would this work?.  Of course we all laughed through the typical glitches with zoom. TURN on your microphone. Turn off your microphone. I can’t hear you. Wait we have to sing while we are on mute What?  

For me this was a wonderful gift to be able to continue to sing and be with my wonderful Choir.  The variety of music including show tunes, prayers, and other Jewish music help me learn so many things. Sometimes I would get frustrated as I recorded and mess up one section and  have to start over but Shazy kept telling us how the congregation appreciated everything we were doing and that help to motivate me to get all the music in. 

So I will conclude my thoughts with a thanks and deep gratitude to G-d for continued good health and for the knowledge, creativity and skills and love bestowed upon us to be able to stay connected with family friends and colleagues, and the ability to find joy through things like our singing together. We need these things to stay optimistic and strong through challenging times.

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