The Beth El byLaws and membership for interfaith families.

On March 1, 2017, the General Assembly of Kehillot of the United Synagogues of Conservative Judaism (USCJ,) the umbrella organization to which Beth El and the other Conservative synagogues belong, began to allow synagogues to expand membership to include non-Jews. In addition, USCJ is allowing each synagogue to interpret that ruling in a way that is appropriate for their particular congregation. Beth El has always welcomed families with one non-Jewish spouse (or partner) to our community. Now we have an opportunity to update our by-laws officially to include the non-Jewish spouse as an official member of the congregation. A small committee was assembled to determine how the bylaws revision should be written. The new verbiage was then presented to the executive committee, which was then approved by the Board of Trustees in March.

The language for the revision to the bylaws can be read in full here.

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