Mosaic of Belonging

Mark your calendars and join us on September 11 as we reveal the permanent installation of our Art with a Heart mosaic, Belonging. Please RSVP by September 4 to

The theme “Belonging”, chosen by our clergy, aims to capture what it feels and looks like to belong to our Beth El community. The design is rich with symbolism that evokes the feeling of having a shared purpose and a shared Jewish identity. The imagery is specifically curated to provide comfort, familiarity, joy and opportunity to explore.

The design for the mosaic was constructed by the creative team at Art With A Heart including Beth El members and our clergy who worked together on this unique design.

The mosaic captures the essence of “Belonging” within our Beth El community in a way that pays homage to the legacy that Beth EL has fostered and will continue to nurture for future generations. The mosaic, to be installed in the Kuntz Patio, is intended to provide wonder and excitement to all who stand before it.

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