My Story, Get to Know Our Community

Sunday, April 30 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom
Dr. Robert O. Freedman Dr. Eyal Bor, Host
Get to know people from our community who
make a difference.

Everyone has a story…
What’s your story?

Join us for this new, exciting, timely My Story as Dr. Eyal Bor
introduces you to Dr. Robert O. Freedman, a long time Beth El
member and outstanding community leader. Get to know
Dr. Freedman and his work in the field of education and political
science. In addition, Dr. Freedman will address the topic, “US-Israeli
Relations: Is This the Worst Crisis in Israel’s 75 Year History? ”

In the 75 years since it was born, Israel’s closest ally has been the
United States. Despite that, the US-Israeli relationship has not been
without its difficulties which have included clashes with President
Eisenhower over the 1956 Suez War, President Ford’s “agonizing
reappraisal” of US-Israeli relations in 1975, the Pollard spying affair
in 1985 and clashes with President Obama over settlements and the
Iran nuclear deal from 2009-2016. However, the emergence of the
most right-wing Israeli government in Israel’s history and its plan to
eviscerate the Israeli Supreme Court and to proliferate settlements
on the West Bank are considered by some Israeli and American
commentators to have precipitated the worst crisis in Israel-US
relations in 75 years.

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