Norma And Georce Heckers’ “Memory And Meaning”

I recall March 12, 2020 you see
The memories are entrenched in the brain of me
Maryland’s governor announced several closings
Like the state’s public schools about which many 
questions one is posing

Like many we have lost family and friends
A loss that for us will never end
We feel hurt that they will not return
As our lives do feel a little bit burned

These losses during COVID brought additional pain
As we could not properly grieve which left us emotionally stained
And the worse part   of these permanent goodbyes
No funerals, shivas , viewings, just lots of solitary cries                

Well yes  I have experienced events so sad
But they have also made me feel so glad
To have Norma my so lovely bride                       
 Who gives me love, humor, healing, and is always by  my side            

 Furthermore, a gift that never ends
Is the fact that I have two wonderful daughters and so many kind friends
Though I have in more than a year not seen most of them.
It has been a delight to be in touch via the                                                                                                 Communiques we mutually send

A love of mine has always been sports
Not just to root but their histories of all sorts
Well, during COVID I appreciate them more
Even when watching in person has not been in store
So this is the time to finish my thoughts
Of this virus against which we have all fought
My final idea that to you I do tell
Is the hope that you and yours stay safe and yes well

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